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    They prepared the small boat to travel to Vivec city early in the Morning and departed. Serenely they traveled. A days rest rest when they  pulled up to shore and slept in a coast-line tavern. No signs of treachery afoot. Another day traveling carefully by the coast of the mainland. Late in the evening they encroach upon Hlo Oad. The skies were cloudy that evening, and earlier that day. When finally Vvardenfell was in sight, the clouds cleared. In the darkness of the night sky, at star could be observed gleaming ominously. Piercing red, the color of blood. The star was blazing between Masser and Secunda. Any astronomer would find this an oddity. The infant was serene for once, this evening. 

    The priests pulled into harbor at Hlo Oad, and took themselves to the nearest affordable tavern in the small fishing village. It was here a conspicuous Dunmer of all people glared at them with ill intent. Uncomfortable with this after becoming aware of him, they retired to their lodgings and locked the door tight. Sleep over came them, and they descended into blood curdling maddening nightmares of ill omen. Morning came, and they swiftly departed on ship. Not too many hours after, they came across the mouth of the Odai river. Not far from there, they passed a small island, not too far west of Seyda Neen. An island serving as the site of a tomb of the Sarys Dunmer family. It was calm and serene. One of the two priests was observing the backside of the other when suddenly an arrow pierced his skull and flew halfway out the otherside. In shock, the priest rose to assess the situation. He then suddenly feels the penetration of an arrow diving into his abdomen. He crooks over spouting blood. Before he blacks out he sees a dunmer savage, presumably the archer, swimming towards their boat.


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Gianni Mojica
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
From Bronx, NYC. Huge Elder scrolls fan. Will MOSTLY be posting TES related fanart of mine on here, among other things.


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